Dat Moonshine Doe Day 03

Moments later, while I was in the air on this last valiant/moronic attempt, time slowed down. Or may…


Dat Moonshine Doe Day 02

We had two things on our list today: 1) go tubing at New River Junction and 2) go riding on the moun…


Bumspringer Day 03

“When I quit, I quit all the way.”—Benedict Poppi Wheeler


Bumspringer Day 02

Basically the goal is to find Judy, we just didn’t know it at the start of the day. To know he…


Bumspringer Day 01

Turns out one of the dangers of designing routes via computer is the chance that the map details ar…


Bumspringer Lord Nerd Beta

Vermont’s excellence isn’t limited to a surfeit of jams made from the crushed matter of hand-cod…


Lost Nevados Lord Nerd Beta

We wanted to ride our AWOLs on unseen backroads through washed out ravines, we wanted jungle and Joa…


Iron Pass: Day 03

As a matter of fact while the rest of the valley basked in the clear morning light and warmed in the…


Iron Pass: Day 01

As it turned out, things were too good. A more experienced adventurer would have known to be distrus…


Iron Pass: Day 00

It was by all accounts the most luxurious first night of camping on record.