Flooded with Feeling


Flooded with Feeling

08/16/2014 | Southeastern Oregon

Go walk into the water, do you feel that?

Flooded with Feeling

Go walk into the water, do you feel that? That’s a gentle tug, that’s a caress, that’s the water flooding around your ankles, legs, your hips. Sensual, you could say; that water knows things, it’s been around, witnessed, experienced. It’s rained on mountains and slid down their slopes. It’s bounced from branch to branch down the scaffolding of a pine tree. It’s been the Amazon and the McBride glacier, it’s been cloistered in the shape of a Dasani bottle for sale at the last rest stop for a hundred miles. It’s felt the warm blood of a split skull on the icy steps of a Chicago high rise, welcoming its sanguine relative with open arms and waltzing together gracefully towards the nearest gutter. It’s been a pool for a pool of vomit out the back of that place where everyone knows your name. In the middle of the night, at a seedy motel on the edge of town, it taiko drummed to an insomniac’s beat. It’s been dolphin piss, baby tears, morning dew in the trenches of Verdun. It had front row seats to the last collapse of the last dinosaur, it sunk the Titanic, and it starred in every Jaws movie. It’s been the saliva in every kiss the world has ever seen.

And somehow you’ve found yourself in the midst of its migration, an interloper, a reactionary, leaning against it, balancing gravity against a current propelled by gravity, everything running on the same engine.”- YJ

You’ve planted your feet precariously amidst a sunken field of facet-less rocks who wear the vacant look of the conquered. “There is no use fighting the water,” they might as well be saying, “it is the hard place, and we the rocks, we would know.” But here you are mixing it up with the water’s advance, submerged in its history. Is it the passage of time or the weight of experience? Maybe this is what reincarnation feels like, maybe this is reincarnation. 60% of you is completely comfortable here, this is a reunion, a homecoming, and fleeting though it may seem there is no denying the final eventuality. Your thoughts are afloat on this same sea.

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