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Bonus Treasures


What better way to say “I support our dudes,” then with a t-shirt that say’s “Support our Dudes”?


Hey guys, this year the Tour de France has only invited three American’s to take part in the race. Is it because of austerity measures? A heightened concern for Le Franglais? What’s most likely true is that this obvious national slight was simply the result of fear. Fear of an American victory, fear of an American in Paris, fear of an American, resplendent and beaming in his yellow jersey riding down the Champs-Élysées like a newly arrived god from the sun. Since Lemond broke the Badger, this fear has affected the population of France; ask any French man or woman. They won’t deny it. Still, three against an entire nation is a challenge. That’s why our dudes need our support.



What better way to say “I support our dudes,” then with a t-shirt that says “SUPPORT OUR DUDES”? The shirt does all the work for you, it’s saying what you want to say, at every minute of every day, so that you can order a coffee or pizza while listening to Bruce Springsteen or NWA. And it’s not just the three dudes headed to France this year that you’re supporting, but the future dudes, the dudes going next year, the dudes going in a decade, and all the little 12 year old junior dudes with a golden yellow sun god jersey on their minds. But just visually screaming the words alone isn’t enough. This year Manual for Speed has enlisted King Kong to guide our boys to victory. He is seen here clearing the peloton for the boys of the true Red, White, & Blue. Impressive? It should be, Kong has monstrous strength and an MFS chain, what could be more impressive? And just like any true American offering, these babies are for sale, so send us money and we’ll send you a shirt, no questions asked. Just click HERE or on the GIF that’s blasting off just below.

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