2015 McNellie’s Group Blue Dome Criterium

I almost passed out because of the strain thinking places on the human body in this kind of heat and humidity. At that point I made a decision to do all my subsequent thinking before going outside for the duration of my visit to Oklahoma.

ISCorp Downer Classic

While competing in Tour of America's Dairyland, Team CLIF Bar Cycling not only raced in professional-level criteriums for 11 consecutive days, but Team CLIF Bar Cycling also undertook the challenge of watching 24 movies, including the complete Harry Potter series.

2012 Boise Twilight Criterium

"When the race started it was dry and warm, but after 20 minutes the rain started and it was like racing on an ice rink."

2011 River Parks Criterium

"Gorillas, water guns, water balloons, wet roads, public nudity, mid-day drinking in Oklahoma in June, live local music. Crowds like that are always good until they do something sketchy."

2012 Downtown Walterboro Criterium

And Speed Week is different and by different I mean worse because the races are often at night, sometimes late at night, as in not finished until 10:00 or 11:00. So the routine that keeps you working from 6:30-1:30AM everyday for six days at a time is shifted back some eight or so hours, and so now you are basically working an overly long swing shift.

2011 Blue Dome Criterium

"When it’s sketchy and nasty, barring mistakes or accidents, if it’s your race, it’s your race. The rest of us just want to get it over with."