Fan Club: Neilson Powless

So what does it take to be the human equivalent of a giant ball of ice hurtling through the cosmos at unimaginable speeds?

Fan Club: Joe Lewis

For those of you who aren’t Joe Lewis, get ready to update your fantasy team because this Joe Lewis Fan Club is going to give you unfiltered access into the mind of your new favorite rider.

Fan Club: Jasmin Glaesser

We've heard about Jasmin Glaesser because she's Jasmin Glaesser for Christ's sake, born in Germany, Canadian citizen, bronze medalist at the 2012 Olympics. But who is she really? No clue, let's find out together.

Fan Club: Danny Pate

"I don’t remember the first cassette that I bought but I do remember the first cassette I wanted. My neighbor had it: Motley Crue’s - Girls Girls Girls."

Fan Club: Toms Skujiņš

Here is an informative, interesting and entertaining interview with a 24 year old Latvian human cycling athlete. Please enjoy.

Fan Club (Cobble Goblins Edition): Phil Gaimon

You could say Phil became a hobby of ours, or you could say we became friends, both characterizations of our relationship are accurate. We like him personally and we're fascinated professionally by him—I think because, well, he's fascinating.

Fan Club: David Millar

He's not just a dumb, hyper-exceptional hunk of an athlete. He's a complete human being equipped with complexity, contradiction and nuance. Also, he's funny. Point is, we like him.

Fan Club: Junior Development with Team Axeon

Throughout the 2015 USA Pro Challenge, Manual for Speed will be following the Axeon Cycling junior development team because we think cycling development is critically important and woefully under appreciated, especially in the United States. In order to help you familiarize yourself with these young bucks, we spent some time with the guys before the race asking questions and taking photos in their finely appointed Steamboat Springs condos.

Fan Club: Kyle Murphy

Kyle Murphy aka Stinky Carl (see below) showed up to Chattanooga, Tennessee for the 2015 USA Cycling Men's Time Trial & Road Race National Championships as a more or less unknown; he left with an 11th place TT and an 8th place Road Race. That's, like, really good. Also we like Kyle. So we called Kyle. And asked him a series of questions ranging from insightful to borderline useless. He answered them.

Fan Club: Nathan Haas

I’d love to be Elijah’s stunt double actually. Also, as his doppelganger I take great pride in being mistaken as a citizen of Middle earth. Always I’d choose hobbit, but to be frank, I’m no hero, I’m just here for those Dragon Fireworks.

Fan Club: Adam Myerson

Because we simply like and respect and revere him as well as what we think he stands for, we asked Adam Myerson Thirty-one questions give or take.

Fan Club: Kiel Reijnen

Kiel Reijnen's answers to our sometimes sub-excellent questions were, without fail, brilliant and insightful.

Fan Club: Ted King

We asked Ted King twenty questions. Many of our questions were stupid, all of them were long.