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American Crit Housing, Vol. 1

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American Crit Housing, Vol. 1

Team CLIF Housing, Athens, GA

American Crit Housing, Vol. 1


I Newly Renovated Town Home-Great Game Day Rental! Walk to Uga and Downtown! Stay where the "pros" stay!

210 Appleby Drive, Apt 207, Athens, GA 30605


  • 2 Bed / 2.5 Bath
  • 1,200 square feet
  • “Accommodates” Six
  • Centrally Located
  • High-Speed Internet and DirecTV
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Balcony
  • Just Minutes to Downtown!


The Renters were psyched to rent to the team, when they found out that we were racing Athens Twilight they got really excited. And we were excited to have a kitchen because we like to prepare our own meals. We're going to send them a Team CLIF-themed care package when we get home. Racing is all about racing, but it also all about meeting people and building community. I know Manual For Speed probably thinks that's corny (we kinda do!) and maybe it is, but this is important stuff guys (we know we know, it's just so, I don't know, 'feel good'), get with the program (we are, kinda).”- Dylan Seguin, Team CLIF Bar Cycling Manager/Director
With respect to thier host town—Athens, Georgia, woooooooooo!!!!!—Team CLIF's Crit Chapter commemorated their accommodation situation with a Fraternity-inspired photograph on the steps of their "house."
Pete Morris aka The Centaur qualified in 8th place during Friday's Twilight Grid Qualifiers.
Original Windex, introduced in 1933, has always been blue, prompting other glass cleaners to follow suit. Windex currently offers cleaners in other colors like ocean fresh blue, sunshine lemon and citrus orange, as well as fragrances that include spring bouquet, ocean mist, lavender and tea tree.
The Giro Air Attack helmet is "a revelation in styling and performance for all types of riding", according to the makers of the Giro Air Attack helmet.
Atlanta Braves' record over the last four years: 2013-96/66, 2012-94/68, 2011-89/73
The Twilight Grid Qualifiers presented by Georgia Cycle Sport feature eight-up CompuTrainer racing to create start positions for Saturday night's Athens Orthopedic Clinic Twilight Men's Pro-Am Criterium. The final eight riders get coveted call-ups and front-row starting positions. Each professional and USA CRITS Division 1 team will get one introduction, and these riders are ineligible for the Grid Qualifiers. All other call-ups must qualify through the Grid Qualifiers. Participation is not mandatory but riders not participating will be issued the highest (or worst) start order positions (at the back).
This photograph features the latest issue of the Flagpole, "Colorbearer of Athen's in Chains," a coconut chocolate-chip CLIF bar, a CLIF mocha shot gel, a bag of lime-aid flavored CLIF shot electrolyte hydration drink mix, rental car keys, aaaand
The first tables specifically designed as and called coffee tables, were made in Britain during the late Victorian era. According to the book “Victorian Furniture” by R. W. Symonds, the first mass produced coffee table was designed by E. W. Godwin in 1868.
Team CLIFS's JD Bergmann aka The Leprechaun aka The Heat Meiser, conducts a pre-race team strategy meeting, during which meeting JD instructs the team to get as close to the start line as possible—You know how at most races guys are pushing really hard to get up to the front and you're thinking to yourself, dudes chill it's not that big of a thing, well at this race, it IS a thing, you got to be that guy, you want to start as near to the front as possible.
Old Spice was founded in 1934 by William Lightfoot Schultz. The surname “Lightfoot” has Anglo-Saxon origins, and was given to someone who was a swift runner. The name originates from the Old English words “leoht” which means light, and “for” which means foot.
Blake Anton demonstrates the art of Pre-Race Chill. While Blake was literally covered in hair until very recently, he went on to finish 21st at Athens, a solid CAT 0 effort and the best Team CLIF result. It would be unfair, however, to not mention that Blake was in fact leading out and planning to finish behind teammate Pete Morris, until Pete was pushed into the barriers with around 750 meters to the line.
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