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Tour de San Luis: Día Cinco

Tour de San Luis: Día Cinco

Carne empanadas come with seasoned ground beef, egg and olive.

Tour de San Luis: Día Cinco

  • MFS made plans with Ben King, and maybe Ted King?, to produce a Yerba Mate How To at some point this week. Manual for Speed needs to acquire a Yerba Mate kit: the wearable basket and it’s contents; the mate, a receptacle commonly referred to as a gourd, even if it isn't an actual gourd, the bombilla (a metal straw with a filter), and the yerba, the tea-like herb itself.
  • At approximately 7:15 PM, Manual for Speed was directed to Crokante's Panificadora Artesanal by one of the servers in the restaurant area at Vista Suites Spa & Golf. We asked if they (Vista Suites) served empanadas, preferably something in a carne or corn variety as this seemed like an excellent opportunity to avoid the HACU trap. That said, we would have very happily ordered a round of jamon y queso empanadas, just please, no more tostados. Anyway, she told us that while they did not serve empanadas, there is a bakery down the street (walking distance) that does. And do they ever. Crokante's Panificadora Artesanal is a complete bakery, sweet and savory. Crokante's is delicious. We ordered 12 empanadas carne, 2 cheese factura and one fruta factura. Side Note: carne empanadas come with seasoned ground beef, egg and olive. Maybe some onion mixed in with the ground beef. Second Side Note: You can tell—from the outside, which can be, in certain situations, crucial—what kind of empanada you're dealing with based on the way it's been crimped around the edges. If Manual for Speed had more time, it would research crimping style, crimping techniques, crimping tools, crimping competitions, etc.

I MFS Status Update

Speaking of walking, today the average Manual For Speed correspondent walked 6,532 steps (2.98 miles).Now that's whats I call a empanaaaaaada.”Keiran Best, MFS Quote of the Day That’s down from this week’s high (10,339 steps) during yesterday’s Stage Four of the Tour San Luis. Our daily average this week is 8,828 steps. Speaking of eating, with only one exception (sad! and unfortunate!), Manual for Speed has eaten dinner every night this week at Los Robles. Los Robles opens at 9:00 PM. The busiest time of night, when reservations are recommended, is 11:30 PM. Los Robles seats approximately 175 people. On Saturday night, Los Robles was at (possibly beyond) capacity. We are regulars there and we no longer require menus. Here is a typical meal:Dude, I always get 18th at these things. I can't stop getting 18th at Time Trials.”Ben King, Runner-Up MFS QOTD


  1. Bread, breadsticks, olives and some kind of goat feta are brought to your table shortly after being seated.
  2. They serve Villavicencio agua con gas, we order at least three bottles, one per person.
  3. To start with we like a round of empanadas; carne and HACU. Emiliano likes to order one of several varieties of fried cheese—#quesofrito. Sometimes we also start with a radicchio and cheese salad.
  4. Emilano’s main, bife de chorizo.
  5. Daniel’s main, bife de chorizo.
  6. Kieran’s main, bife de lomo.
  7. More agua con gas.
  8. A round of cortado grandes.
  9. And that’s right, you guessed it, helado. Emilano’s favorite flavor, crema americana of course!


What follows is an internal Manual for Speed document regarding the Magical Realism Walls in the Comechingones Mountain Range in/on which Stage 5 Side Note: Sorry Ben!, you kind of 'broke the curse', but you kinda didn't! (Ben King finished 16th in the Time Trial today, putting him in 18th overall.)”of the Tour of San Luis finished. The document details an argument about which contemporary artist is more relevant in regards to the true nature and meaning of the stone walls. The original document was a text exchange. It has been reproduced here without editing or reformatting.

  • Emiliano Granado: why did you guys change to Robert Smithson vs Andy Goldsworthy?
  • Kyle Von Hoetzendorff: Because Robert Smithson is known for the spiral getty and is a like the first BIG land art dude. Seemed like a better fit
  • Emiliano Granado: but andy did curvy wall thing
  • Emiliano Granado: and andy is like deeper knowledge. you know, show off a little
  • Kyle Von Hoetzendorff: I thought the other way around,, like andy is more pop and contemporary where as Smithson would be like you have to know dude. Goldworthy has a doc that was in netflix tops
  • Emiliano Granado: oh shit
  • Emiliano Granado: mind blowing. i thought everyone knew smithson
  • Emiliano Granado: apparently not. keiran doesn’t know, but she knows andy
  • Kevin Brown: goldsworthy def more mainstraem

II Today's Observations

  1. Argentina believes in personal responsibility. The basic idea being that, if you can do it, well then, you can do it. If you can climb the fence, then you can climb the fence. If you fall off the fence, you can do that too, you can fall off the fence and die. It’s up to you. You are in control. Dear America and Europe, it’s been so long and now you are all so used to doing it the wrong way, but listen, come down here and give it a try. It’s addictive!!!
  2. Argentina does not, it would appear, have 2-way street technology.
  3. Daniel Wakefield Pasley has received a total of 9 offers on his used Baltimore Orioles MLB Cooperstown 59FIFTY Cap.
  4. At approximately 5:59 PM this afternoon, at the start area of Stage 5 of the Tour San Luis, #SELFIE by the Chainsmokers was played on the PA system.
  5. Manual for Speed was reminded that an old water bottle filled with sand and rocks is still, even in 2015, a perfectly good child’s toy.
  6. We’ve got two words for you: Platform Sandals and Yerba Mate.
  7. An eight year old girl brought a cage filled with cedar chips, a water bottle, some cardboard, and two baby hamsters to the race today. It was 91 degrees, but the cage was covered by a small blanket.
  8. In Argentina the police turn their sirens on when they turn their cars and motorcycles on. They are ALWAYS on.

III In Honor of the Time Trial on Av. Eva Peron Fourteen Notable Facts by Klaus About Eva Peron

  1. Avenida Eva Peron in San Luis was innaugarated on Friday, September 27, 2013. It cuts through the entire city, crossing twelve neighorhoods for a total length of 13.9 kilometers.
  2. The innaguration ceremony was attended by the city council, Alfredo Lucero (winner of the 2009 Vuelta de San Luis), the boxer Marcos “El Flaco” Aumada, and featured a performance by the band Cumbia Cool.
  3. The avenue is named after Eva Peron, the second wife of Argentine president Juan Peron (1895-1974), she was also the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, head of the Argentine Ministry of Health and president of the Female Peronist Party. She bleached her hair for almost her entire adult life.
  4. Eva Peron was the descendant of Basque immigrants, and she moved to Buenos Aires at the age of 15 to pursue a career in radio and film.
  5. She likely used a forged birth certificate when she was married to Juan Peron, to appear older (26 instead of 22).
  6. Evita often kissed the poor and the ill, also allowing them to kiss her, including the syphilitic.
  7. She was the first Argentine to ever undergo chemotherapy.
  8. It’s now believed that in the last months of her life, Evita Peron was given a prefrontal lobotomy.
  9. Upon death, her body was embalmed. The procedure was performed by Dr. Pedro Ara, whose work is often referred to as “the art of death”, on account of how well the body was preserved (mostly by replacing the corpse’s blood with glycerine).
  10. Her body was on display for two years while a monument for it was being built. Before the monument could be completed Juan Peron was ousted by a military coup. He fled, but was unable to make similar arrangements for Evita’s body. The body’s whereabouts were unknown for sixteen years. It was later revealed that her body was buried in Milan, and had suffered a great deal of damage during the move. Damage included “disfigurement to the feet as a result of being left in the upright position, and compressions to the face”.
  11. In 1971 her body was exhumed and flown to Spain, where Juan Peron and his fourth wife kept it in their dinning room on a platform near the dinning table. It was eventually moved and buried again in 1974, this time in La Recoleta Cemetary in Buenos Aires. Great precautions were taken to ensure the body is not stolen again, including a trap door and decoy caskets behind which the actual body lies.
  12. A musical about her life was written in 1976, with a film based on the production being planned as early as 1978. It was eventually made after a twenty-year production delay, and starred Madonna in the titular role.
  13. The role required 39 hats, 45 pairs of shoes, and 56 pairs of earrings.
  14. Patrick Swayze was originally set to play the role of Che Guevara in the movie.

IV Today's Top Two Time Trial Tips


Side note: This hand gesture was discussed in the lobby of the Vista Suites this morning before today's race. We commissioned this work of art. Ted King is our hand signal artist, but don't let that make you think he isn't his own hand signal artist. Ted King arts how he wants to art, and we aren't ever going to change that. Secondary Side Note: Ted King brought up the the issue of HACUs and wanted to know our count.
Hello Hand? or "Don't Take My Photograph" Hand?

What's the verdict? You be the judge! Text your vote to 503.754.7476. And/or if you Know Mark, please just ask him. We're dying to know!

V Etapa 5

Pictured is Jasha SÜTTERLIN, from Germany. This is Big Pimp Rich, from Germany: "I am German; I learned German first and didn't speak English until I was 5 years old. Germany is much more tolerant in personal choices than the USA. When i lived there (1993-2005); it was not uncommon for a Business Manager to wear a 3-day beard and ear studs. In the USA "Business Casual" dress, no piercings, no visible tats and a suit is expected. In Europe; it is not unprofessional for a business-person to wear a smoking jacket and jeans; as long as the shoes are made of leather and look like "Dress" shoes. Germany is way more focused on your performance than on your appearance and professionalism is conveyed in actions; not clothing. If your tattoo is going to be covered up you definitely have nothing to worry about; but even if they saw it at the company picnic they would be more interested in the meaning than persecuting you for your art. If you have tattoos on your face it may be a little more difficult to get customer-contact positions; but other than that you are all set."
The Hotel Vista Suites Service Course, San Luis, Argentina. #vermeer
You are in a room with no windows, doors or any exit. The only items are a mirror and a table. How do you escape?
"Wooooork it... wooooork it... okay now you're a VELOCITYRAPTOR! BEE-YOO-TI-FUL!!!" #behindthequeso #flynit #microsponsorships
"BEBIDA! BEBIDA!" Side Note: This gentleman exemplifies the kind of "go get 'em" Entrepreneurial Spirit door-to-door salesmen around the world are famous for: bibles, vacuum cleaners, LDS, etc. Why, just yesterday MFS witnessed him unsuccessfully selling cold drinks to racers just beyond the finish line, where all the sougniers were standing.
Although originally the names "Mighty Kid", "Knuckle Kid", and "Rainbow Battle Kid" were proposed, Capcom eventually settled on "Rockman" as Mega Man's Japanese moniker. The word "Rock" in Rockman is a reference to the music genre rock and roll, and is meant to work in tandem with his sister robot, Roll. However, Capcom Consumer Products Division president Joe Morici changed the name from Rockman to Mega Man because he felt "The title was horrible."
This is the governor of the San Luis Province, Claudio Poggi. He's even got a Wikipedia page. #famous Side Note for Future Readers: Please note that Claudio Poggi's current term expires in 2015, so MFS makes no guarantees of his fame/stature/importance in the future.
"I dont know what this does, maybe its where you attach your Garmin?"—Anonymous
Hamster-Club offers a thorough list of the most popular hamster names in the world.
"Tommy, get off the phone!!!! Let's go lets go, it's time to TT Alley Cat."
Fig 1: Family Scooter/Moped/Motorcycle
Sergio Godoy broke his collarbone. Breaking your collarbone is pretty much the most basic, everyone-does-it-at-some-point sadface that cycling has to offer, but that's not to say that it's not a sad sadface, it's really sad.
"This is Sergio Sztuden transmitting LIVE via cell phone on Radio Familia FM 101.5, Villa Mercedes." Side Note: Radio Familia's website has some absolutely Siq Graphix.



Mix #5: Faster Ish

ZZK Records is music to move to, it's the future sound of Latin America. Essentially the label was born out of a weekly dance club, so there's always been an element of movement to the music we put out. What better way to get on your bike and ride, get on your feet and walk or run, or put your dancing shoes on and shake, than these daily playlists, straight from Argentina?”- Grant C. Dull, ZZK Records
    Faster Ish
  • 1 Douster Triassic Genesis
  • 2 Lagartijeando aka Mati Zundel Zindud
  • 3 Poirier ft. Boogat Kalima Shop Titi (Douster Remix)
  • 4 Super Guachin Pisteando con los Pibes
  • 5 Douster Journey to Tethys_Sea
  • 6 El Remolon Charachacha
  • 7 Douster Ladinian
  • 8 Tremor Espina
  • 9 Mati Zundel Aerotinku
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